Several months ago a discussion between two visual creators was held atop bicycles on a ride from downtown Denver to the top of Lookout Mountain in Golden. The issue was what topic or theme should be covered for a thesis project for the Digital Media Studies program at the University of Denver for one of the riders, Joshua Lawton. While spinning along at 20 miles per hour it was agreed that cycling culture was what should be followed – after a few busts on a different topic.

The Front Range of Colorado is unique in the fact there is such a wide variety of cycling genres and the amazing weather allows for those groups of riders to partake in their individual styles throughout the year. The next step was the assignment of exploring these diverse cultures. The search was on in finding interesting storylines of everyday people from very different backgrounds yet all united by a simple machine powered by each individual.

Today’s media consumers are no longer simply consumers, they are also interacting with media and through media. New technologies and forms of digital media have altered the landscape of storytelling in dramatic fashion at a rapid pace. The confinements of linear storytelling and single medium presentations have been left behind for non-linear, interactive, multidimensional multimedia. Instead of segregating media content into silos, richer newer techniques of digital multimedia should be and are beginning to be employed in storytelling. This thesis project intends to be an effective example of interactive storytelling incorporating multiple modes of media into one experience portal. Taking a documentary or journalistic approach, this collection of stories was sought out and recorded using various methods – photography, videography, audio, graphics, etc. Now that this foundation of storylines and cohesive multimedia portal has been formed, the project will be opened up to allow users to suggest story ideas as well as share new narratives through the platform. The end result is meant to be a shared community space of unique storytelling for a demographic of users passionate about their shared interest - bicycling.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the presentation. Now go for a ride! Your bike is waiting.

Joshua Lawton :: Video, Audio, Editing and Site Production

Joshua Duplechian :: Still Photography

Submitted to the DMS program to fulfill the requirements to receive a Maters of Arts in Digital Media at the University of Denver.
Special thanks to Chris Coleman, Joseph Labrecque and Jason Bahl for all their help.